The Energy Efficiency of Timber Windows

Our timber windows won’t just reduce your heating costs; they also meet new energy efficiency guidelines contributing to environmental measures for our planet. If you start with the rooms that it costs you the most to heat you could begin to save money instantly. Energy saving double-glazing can cut heat lost through windows by half, and save you £100's a year on your heating bills and around 720kg of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Our high performing timber windows

All of the timber windows that we supply are energy rated at 'C' and above. At a rating of 'C' our timber windows are at very high standard of quality, in terms of noise reduction, security and heat retention. We can also supply and install “B’ and ‘A’ rated windows for further enhancements – but you can be assured that even at ‘C’ rating your windows are of an exceptional standard and for most of clients that has more than met their requirements. And, as an approved partner installer of George Barnsdale we are able to provide test data from third party, accredited test houses to back up our claims.

The Energy Efficient Window Ratings Label

The BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) scheme is the UK’s national system for rating the energy efficiency of windows and is recognised by the Building Regulations for replacement window installations. Window Energy Ratings use a consumer-friendly traffic-light style A-E ratings guide similar to that used on ‘white’ goods (such as fridges and freezers). This ratings label can help you to make more informed choices about the energy efficiency of the windows you are thinking of buying.

Each window rated by the BFRC has a unique label displaying the following information:

  • The rating level - A, B, C, etc...
  • The energy rating eg. -3kWh/(m2.K) in this example the product will lose 3 kilowatt hours per square metre per year
  • The window U value eg. 1.4W/(m2.K)
  • The effective heat loss due to air penetration as L eg. 0.01 W/(m2.K)
  • The solar heat gain eg. g=0.43

This tells you how well your windows will do at:

  • Helping you contain and conserve heat within your building in the winter
  • Keeping out the wind
  • Resisting condensation
  • Contributing to improved sound insulation

Timber Windows for lasting performance

Wooden windows used to mean "short life & high maintenance" but now timber windows often outlast all other window types. It’s all down to good design and manufacture and a quality installation, all of which we are very committed to. All of the timber windows that we install are delivered fully finished and glazed prior to careful installation - giving you a high quality product, which will benefit your home for years to come.

As a result of combining long life with low maintenance, timber windows are becoming the preferred choice for more and more households.

Timber windows and our environment

Timber is, "by far the most environmentally friendly material for windows" (Greenpeace).

It takes 8 times more energy to manufacture UPVC than timber. Through use and disposal of the product, the overall environmental burden is significantly less than UPVC windows.

Other reasons to invest in timber windows and doors

Timber lasts longer than you think
Scientific testing has shown that timber windows are outstanding for long-term weather proofing - and do not distort easily through temperature or exposure extremes.

Maintenance is simple
Modern factory-applied timber coatings will normally last at least 10 years. Re-coating is simple - involving a wash down and application of only one coat. As an approved partner of George Barnsdale we supply both timber windows and doors with a 10 year paint guarantee.

Damage does not necessarily mean replacement
With timber windows, damaged sections are easily repaired - rather than needing replacement. Window sections can be matched exactly as they were originally made.

The ability to match your home regardless of age or design
Timber windows can be manufactured to match existing designs - including arched or bowed features. They can also be made to match older designs.

Wooden windows don't just benefit the homeowner, but the whole planet
The Timber Windows (UK) Ltd range is made from renewable and sustainable sources and therefore has a minimum impact on global warming.